Las Vegas, NV: My First 24 Hours (Spring)

I’m just going to preface this post, summing up all of my feelings towards Vegas with one question: How can I trust a city if I can’t easily find a bookstore or two?

If it’s only one night? Why not splurge on Caesar’s Palace? You won’t regret it after visiting the casinos in some of the other hotels (for instance, Treasure Island).

Just walking down the strip and through the hotels can be quite the experience. The Bellagio is a personal favorite. Things are big and weird and meant to catch your attention, the next thing over the last — not to mention extravagant. So, when in Vegas, you might as well be in the mindset of enjoying the “sites”.

Everything seems oddly out of place, yet in place all at the same time.

The perks of staying in a hotel like Caesar’s is definitely waking up and hanging out downstairs in the early morning, while others are still sleeping and The Strip is still asleep. And maybe not for all, but for some (me) leaving isn’t as sad of a goodbye as most other places (especially when your next stop is L.A.) Maybe I was just waiting to walk into an Elvis Presley show, but either way, long live the idealized Las Vegas!

Trip Summary
Favorite Sights/Activities:
 Walking down the strip marveling at all the higher-end hotel’s decor.
Favorite Food/Drinks: Casanova (Venetian Food Court)
Rental car because we were passing through to California.
Secret Suggestions: 
I am sure Vegas holds many more secrets than what my eyes were met within 24 hours.
Travel Tips: If you can rent a car, go for it! You’re an easy day trip away from the Hoover Dam + driving through the desert is pretty cool.

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas, NV: My First 24 Hours (Spring)

    1. Thank you Marco! That means so much, as I do spend lots of time considering many different points of view! Cheers!


    1. I would love to go back to explore off the strip! I think it was just a one night deal and, well, everyone sort of pictures the strip when they picture Vegas. But just driving in and out I saw some things catch my eye outside of the strip!

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